From waste to wow- How brands are embracing eco-friendly packaging

From waste to wow- How brands are embracing eco-friendly packaging

At Innovative, we are passionate about providing materials for brands that are embracing eco-friendly packaging. With today’s evolving business developments, consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental footprint, resulting in companies being compelled to re-evaluate their product structure, particularly their packaging. In this article, we will delve into various brands that have already taken that leap and discuss how you and your business can follow in their footsteps with Innovative Paper Solutions.

The renowned cereal company ‘Kelloggs’ has made significant strides towards a greener future; they have emerged as a leader in promoting recyclability within the food sector. Over 76% of Kellogg’s packaging is recyclable. From cereal boxes to snack packaging, Kelloggs has prioritised materials that can be easily recycled, setting the bar in the food packaging industry. The company has set a target to make their packaging 100% recyclable by 2026.Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, it serves as a beacon of hope for other companies in the food and drink sector that are struggling to convert to sustainable packaging.

In an era where sustainability is becoming a responsibility and no longer a choice, Calvin Klein is ahead of the fashion industry game, showcasing its commitment to environmental stewardship. 74% of Calvin Klein’s packaging is now recyclable, a dedication to reducing the brand’s environmental impact. They clearly show that their commitment extends beyond the runway, reaching out to parcels and boxes that carry their iconic logo. The company is currently taking innovative approaches and practices to achieve its goal of becoming net-zero by 2030.

The global fashion retailer ASOS has taken initiatives to remove 40% of their own packaging; this speaks volumes about their commitment to reducing waste and reshaping the industry’s practices. The bold move to remove 25 million tags is a testament to ASOS’ dedication to sustainability at every stage of their supply chain. By eliminating unnecessary packaging, they are setting a new standard for eco-conscious fashion and creating a fashion retailer to look up to.

Why don’t you join the various brands that are 100% committed to changing industry practices? From ASOS’ bold move to remove excess tags to other initiatives, the message is clear: sustainability is no longer a choice. At Innovative, we’re not just observers; we’re ready to support your sustainability goals. By providing innovative plastic alternatives that maintain the highest quality standards, we’re creating alternatives that you don’t need to compromise on. We empower businesses to follow in the footsteps of these industry giants, turning waste into consumer wows. 

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