Cocktail Paper Straws

Diameter Ø = 6mm / Length = 140mm

These straws may be shorter in terms of design, but they don’t come up short when it comes to performance.

Tailor-made for use with smaller cups, glasses and sipping your favourite cocktails.

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Classic Paper Straws

Diameter Ø = 6mm / Length = 200mm

The classic choice due to their great versatility and functionality as a drinking straw.

Available in a variety of colours and patterns to suit any occasion.

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Milkshake Paper Straws

Diameter Ø = 8mm / Length = 200mm

Enjoy a simple strawberry shake? Prefer a cookies and cream extravaganza?

Whatever your favourite flavour combo, our milkshake straws will ensure a great drink experience each time.

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Smoothie Paper Straws

Diameter Ø = 10mm / Length = 200mm

Made with a 10mm diameter, our smoothie straws can cater for these traditionally thicker liquids usually blended from fruits, vegetables, juices, yogurt, nuts, seeds and ice.

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Bubble Tea Paper Straws

Diameter Ø = 12mm / Length = 230mm

Extra large straws specifically designed for bubble tea drinks.

Users can enjoy bursts of tasteful bubble tea and tapioca pearls (or juice pobbles) all at the same time.

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Individually Wrapped Straws

Diameter Ø = 6-12mm
Length = 200-230mm

Offer a selection of individually wrapped straws, ideal for display counters or use with takeaways.

The paper wrapping acts as an extra barrier ensuring straw inside remain clean until use.

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