How to repurpose our kraft paper bags

How to repurpose our kraft paper bags

Who knew there were so many uses for a paper bag? Ranging from packing belongings to adding them to your compost, there are many possibilities for a single paper bag. We all know that paper bags have played a role in replacing plastic bags, with many businesses switching to environmentally friendly alternatives in recent times. So, with all these paper bags, what can we do with them?

Depending on where you shop you can easily accumulate an array of different paper bags for carrying goods. Instead of just recycling your paper bags after first use, perhaps keep a few on hand that are still fit for purpose so they can be reused again when shopping in the future. It could save you paying for another paper bag during each shop, plus you are making a contribution to the environment be reusing and reducing resource use.

Suitable for a variety of applications, paper bags can act as a simple carrier, wrapper, or gift bag, ideal for transporting small, loose, or fragile items, offering the contents an extra barrier of protection from scratches and marks so they arrive at their intended destination in perfect condition.

If made from non-coated material, paper bags can also be great for composting due to being porous and able to absorb carbon, which helps break down the product more quickly. If you enjoy composting, why not try it out for yourself?

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